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MfA Summer Think Reflections

For two and a half days this week, I took part in the Math for America’s Summer Think conference. The experience was unforgettable on many levels. Last summer, after having returned from Twitter Math Camp (which MfA funded), MfA asked … Continue reading

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Random groupings

I recently had an epiphany. It came from Ilana Seidal Horn. I was reading her book, Strength in Numbers, and she was addressing status in the classroom. Her definition is status is the perception of students’ academic ability and social … Continue reading

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My hope for group work…and introverts

Lately I’ve been thinking about group work. This past spring, I reached a point in a lesson where I wanted students to work together on a few tasks. Prior knowledge was there. Things were accessible. Heterogeneous groups abound. All the … Continue reading

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One Step, Crumple, Toss

The other day I did an activity that reminded me of both Kate Nowack’s Solve, Crumple, Toss game and Jon Orr’s Commit & Crumple activity, but it was slightly different. I grouped students in twos and threes and gave each group one problem on a … Continue reading

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Summer 2015: An Immersive Research Experience…The After Party

Earlier this summer I wrote about a research experience that I was taking part in: SMARTER, an RET instituted by NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. The experience was profound. Here’s a recap of my takeaways. Firstly, a learned a good deal about composite … Continue reading

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