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Math ed conferences: let’s leave the host city better than we found it

This week at TMCNYC18, I had a very brief conversation with Michael Pershan. It was literally 4 minutes long. While short, it spurred some pretty deep thoughts for me…and a dream. (If you know Michael personally, or read his writing, … Continue reading

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Teaching is personal

We are invited to teach information as though it does not emerge from bodies. ~bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress Often times I hear the phrase, “separate your personal and professional lives.” Of course, this catch-all phrase assumes a dichotomy and that … Continue reading

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Man, you talk about teaching as if it were love

Today is Valentine’s Day. I don’t really celebrate it, but it hit me that I recent conversation would make for the perfect post for today. A couple weeks back, a group of colleagues and I were sitting around having a conversation about the teaching … Continue reading

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Hey, instructional routines, where are you?

This is my midyear wake up call. At the beginning of the school year I developed some goals. They were ambitious, to say the least. It was around the start of December that I realized how unreasonable my expectations were for 2016-17. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Books Read in 2017

Blindspot | Mahzarin R. Banaji & Anthony Greenwald Flow | Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Why Don’t Students Like School | Daniel Willingham Return of the King | Brian Windhorst & Dave McMenamin An Imaginary Tale | Paul J. Nahin The Classroom Chef | John … Continue reading

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