The Cogenerative Dialogue

A cogenerative dialogue (or cogen) is a structured conversation between a teacher and a small group of their students (~5) with the goal of improving the classroom community. Cogens form an essential part of my teaching and are regular features on my blog.

I’ve compiled my cogen blogposts here.

Cogenerative dialogues
In January 2021, I reflect on my first semester of holding weekly cogens during remote learning.

Meditations on a Cogen (series)
Summaries of the weekly cogenerative dialogues I had with my students during the 2021-22 school year.

Cogens for Social Justice (series)
During the spring of 2022, I used three cogenerative dialogues (or cogens) to support my planning of a social justice-themed activity in Algebra 2; these posts help capture this experience.

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