Haiku #3

It’s always during this time of year that I feel closest to my students. For 45 minutes a day for five days a week, we have helped one another shoulder life’s highs and lows. We have been through battles. We’re different people now than we were 10 months ago. We’re stronger, wiser. We’ve grown together. We’ve learned plenty of math, too.

And just as I feel the comforting embrace of these thoughts, like now, the Regents rears its ugly, formidable head. And then I am disheartened.

Compound interest

With a soaring rate is at

Odds with a scaled score



On Haiku + Haiku #1

I have loved to write for a long time. But now, for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to really appreciate poetry. Specifically, Haiku.

Crisp and elegant, it’s simplicity is a major draw for me. It captures what’s left of a moment after you strip away all of the noise that accompanies it. I’m hoping to plunge myself into this art form in the coming months. Other than some scribbles in a notebook, here’s my humble first attempt.

I left home for home

Reunited here today

My students and I