I always hear about Trashketball. I thought I’d briefly share the version I play with my students.

I set up the room with 1, 2, and 3 point distances, one of each. I use duct tape and white out for this. 

I post a question. Each group works on it and I randomly select one student to answer. Before answering, the chosen student can confer with their group members, but he must able to explain or justify his answer. Here are the guidelines for the game:

  • If a student gets the question correct, he earns three shots to make a basket. All shots must be taken from the same location.
  • Each group is allowed to passed earned shots to another group member once during the game.
  • Groups can use any resource but a non-calculator, electronic device to aid them in answering the questions.
  • If a student gets the question incorrect, I earn one shot to make one basket. I can earn a maximum of three shots per question. Each shot is separate from any others and can be taken from any distance.
  • Groups cannot communicate with other groups. If they do, I earn a bonus shot.
  • The game is the entire class versus me. Whoever has the most points at the end of the class period wins.

Here is what we use to shoot.

The trash basket is the typical, run-of-mill classroom trash receptacle.

My record as of today is 83-0-1. No kidding. Despite what my record may reveal about my utter dominance, my students LOVE playing. This is due in part because each class desperately wants to hand me my first loss. Hey, students need motivation, right?

Oh, and how have I amassed such an impeccable record? You’ll have to ask my students.