A Thousand Words a Day • Oct 17-21 (No. 7)

I am documenting my 2022-23 school year through photography. Each day, I take a photograph and include it in a weekly post here on my blog. The goal is to create a compilation of photos that tells the story of my year and challenges me to go beyond the written word. This is the 7th post in the series.

Monday, October 17

A boring faculty meeting results in my sitting in the back of the room taking a photo of my notebook

Tuesday, October 18

One of my students donned my blazer and taught the class for a few glorious moments

Wednesday, October 19

A energetic after-school tutoring sesh led by a student who attended voluntarily to help others

Thursday, October 20

Period 2 students huddled up discussing function translations

Friday, October 21

This afternoon I sent out my first six classroom postcards


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