Blogging: One Year After


0. I have now eclipsed one year of blogging.

1. Before I started, I never thought I would have had time to write. I also never thought I would have enough to write about.

1. Dude. I was wrong.

2. I wrote/posted 40 entries in my story this year.

3. I now find myself needing to write. If I don’t get up a post for a good amount of time, I get restless and it shows.

5. This past year, I never wrote for anyone but myself. It was a personal reflection and I like it that way. That may change, but who knows.

8. Blogging has reframed my teaching and how I view my own development. Writing has allowed me to get to know myself in a completely new and exciting way.

13. I contribute my initial blogging motivation to TMC14. Those wonderful people in Tulsa lit the fire. Too bad I couldn’t return the favor at Harvey Mudd last week.

21. I didn’t read enough MTBoS blogs this year. I’m shortchanging myself if I don’t tap into this idea-rich resource.

34. Who knows if I’ll make it another year. What I do know is that I’m a better teacher now than I was last July and I owe my blog loads of credit for that.