Haiku #9

As an alternative means of capturing my thoughts and reflections, I write haiku about my teaching practice. This is the ninth post in the series.

In a brief exchange with a respected colleague on Zoom last week, I was reminded of the bullheaded distance that has fractured my relationships this fall. We had just left another meeting just minutes before and found ourselves in a breakout. Before Covid we saw each other often, but to cross paths now is a rarity. My colleague acknowledged this Zoom recency as a pleasant surprise, but it did nothing for me. These days our meetings are merely scheduled conversations filled with unfeeling To Do Lists. They are absent of just about everything else, which is to say, everything that matters. Our pleasant surprise was nothing more than the usual.

This haiku is my frail attempt to capture this moment and the many others just like it.

A numb agenda
A link straining to be more
We part strangers still


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