Happy third birthday, lazy0ch0. Go celebrate.


This blog is turning three years old in a few days. It’s still a toddler in human years and it doesn’t seem that long – until I realize that I’ve now been blogging for 27% of my teaching career.

The first thing that comes to mind is that I still write entirely for myself. Everything here, even the list of what books I’ve read, is for my own personal reference. Two years ago, I thought that I might get over writing for purely reflective purposes. I haven’t. I guess I’m selfish when it comes to writing. Once every six months, someone in real life brings up my blog to me in person. I’m always flattered, but I’m also surprised because:

  1. they actually read my blog
  2. the thrill I get from writing about my work as a teacher regularly makes me forget that everything here is public

Speaking of being public, sometimes I think that if I’m writing for me, why don’t I just do it in a journal or possibly make all my posts private? As anyone that writes publically will agree, there’s a high level of accountability that comes from clicking PUBLISH. In my case, that accountability rests on my own shoulders…and what I hope to represent as a teacher of mathematics. Because the world can read my message, by openly publishing, I’m holding myself to a pretty high standard. That’s kind of scary, but it’s also really empowering.

It’s been fun to see my writing evolve. Sometimes I look back at my early posts and realize how much I’ve changed both as a teacher and a teacher who writes. I’m a far more thoughtful and proactive teacher these days. I value my development much more and I’m certainly more socially concious. I’m also much more casual with my writing. I used to meticulously craft my posts. I used to edit heavily. Now, I’ll do a once-over, but I very much honor the informal nature of my posts. And not that I was all imagery-centric before, but I also don’t include as many photos or images as I used to.

There are truckloads of thoughts related to teaching in my head at any given time, but I usually have around 2-3 serious ideas for posts lined up. Most times they need to marinate in my head a while before I can tap them out using my keyboard. Other times, it’s more immediate. Regardless, if I haven’t published in a couple of weeks, I get an inkling to write. I get antsy. Ideas start to bottleneck. This lets me know that I need to let those ideas, no matter big or small, breathe on my blog.

Here’s to another three years of breathing.



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