My two cents (Week of Jan 18, 2021)

For each school day of the 2020-21 school year, I will be writing two sentences to capture some of the impressions, feelings, experiences, or thoughts I had that day. This is the 16th post in the series.

Monday (Jan 11)
No classes — MLK Day

Tuesday (Jan 12)
A rough day; students weren’t learning, I struggled to teach, nothing worked. By the end of it, I found myself questioning so much of what means to be a teacher.

Wednesday (Jan 13)
A better day. A new handshake: And One.

Thursday (Jan 14)
Did my second group quiz, which was paced much better. Because of the natural collaboration they trigger for students, I think these quizzes will be become a routine.

Friday (Jan 15)
For the second week in a row, I had a colleague observe my c0-generative dialogue. The feedback from the both of them was priceless.


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