My Two Cents (Week of Oct 5, 2020)

For each school day of the 2020-21 school year, I will be writing two sentences to capture some of the impressions, feelings, experiences, or thoughts I had that day. This is the fourth post in the series.

They have free breakfast and lunch for staff now. I had both, yum!

Zigzagging between rooms to teach is driving my crazy and keeping me being fully present with my students. Decided today to stay put at my desk and had a productive day.

Seriously considering a “traveling letter of appreciation” for all of my classes this year; it’ll be mailed from one student to the next in lieu of having the token of appreciation. Ending the day feeling isolated and down.

Had a mini-debate over orange and apple juice today in first period — orange juice won. It’s needless to say, but my kids still aren’t learning much math.

I teach no classes on Friday, but this day felt stuffed. Had my first cogenerative dialogue — also known as a cogen — with four students today; I had no idea what I was doing, but I was excited.


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