Rethinking the Physical

During the 2022-23 school year, I am making a concerted effort to rethink the physical elements of my classroom. During this process, these blog posts are helping me reflect on the physical transformation the room is undergoing and how this transformation impacts teaching and learning.

Part 1: Seating
While standard classroom chairs serve a purpose, I am using two lounge chairs to challenge traditional seating norms. I’m learning how they bring relief to my students’ bodies and minds.

Part 2: Lighting
Fluorescent lighting is ubiquitous in schools. This year, I’ve called this into question by introducing several new and varied light sources to my classroom.

Part 3: Scent
One of the least tangible and simplest changes to my classroom. It only required a wall plug-in and a desire to attend to what is perhaps the most underrated of the five senses.

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