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Notable Blog Posts/Articles

The right questions |

Teacher burnout is more likely in introverted teachers |

The Costs of Our Teachers Opting Out |

What inquiry has to offer |

Teacher interview questions that work |

How can students better apply math learning? |

Mathematics teachers’ “learning to notice” in the context of a video club | Video_study_article

Using a keystrokes software on calculator to study student understanding of order of operations | Keystrokes_article

NYC’s top teachers less likely to serve black and hispanic students |

Conceptual understanding in mathematics | 

Education is the work of teachers, not hackers |

Bored to death: To learn how bored kids are in school, look at Twitter |

Two-stage exams (in physics) |

Why do Americans stink at math? |

100 books every teacher should read |

The unreasonable ineffectiveness of mathematics education |

The case against high school sports |

What if we gave them the answers? |

Why great teachers don’t give tests

When is a good day teaching a bad thing? |

Math teachers and Twitter

NYS math Regents recaps and analyses |

Books to read to understand the world |

Professional development through social media |

When is it okay to use a calculator?

Professional development nightmare |

Notable Books

Claude M. Steele | Whistling Vivaldi

Allen Paulos, John | Innumeracy

Berger, Warren | A More Beautiful Question

Tomar, Dave | The Shadow Scholar

Kamentez, Anya | The Test

Berger, Warren | A More Beautiful Question

Kahneman, Daniel | Thinking, Fast and Slow

Cain, Susan | Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking

Kohn, Alfie | Punished by Rewards

Pausch, Randy | The Last Lecture

Ripley, Amanda | The Smartest Kids in the World

Tough, Paul | How Children Succeed

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