Cogens for Social Justice

During the spring of 2022, I used a series of three cogenerative dialogues (or cogens) to help me design and reflect on a social justice-themed activity in Algebra 2. I met with 10 students from each of my three classes over the course of two months; I used their feedback to support my planning of what ended up being an activity that celebrates farmers of color and exposes the systemic discrimination they have faced.

These posts detail the cogens and the overall development of the activity.

Part 1: Preplanning
My initial cogen gathers the students together during lunch to introduce my hopes for enacting an activity that explores an issue of social justice.

Part 2: Planning and Revision
My second cogen is used to present the activity to the students ahead of enacting it with my classes. I get students’ feedback and make necessary changes to the activity.

Part 3: Post-Activity Reflections
My final cogen elicits reactions from the students after the closing of the activity. In this post, I also present my takeaways from the experience.

Part 4: Reflections on Gholdy Muhammad’s Five Pursuits
Thoughts on how I used Gholdy Muhammad’s equity framework to guide my planning of the activity, how it went, and what it means moving forward.

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