A Thousand Words a Day

During the 2022-23 school year, I’m using my phone to take one photograph each day. The goal is to observe and attempt to hold still my school year through a camera lens. I hope to create a compilation of images that helps me make sense of the year in a new way. This blog is proof that words often fail me. Why not turn to another love of mine — photography?

Photographs are posted each week, organized by month. Captions are included and help tell the story.

No. 0 • Introduction
The origin story of the series.

No. 1 • September 6-9
The first week brings new beginnings and a revival of old traditions.

No. 2 • September 12-16
The real work begins (so do the selfies). Ninth period warms my heart.

No. 3 • September 19-23
The first notebook check of the year and a girl’s soccer match.

No. 4 • September 26-29
A short week. A random pose.

No. 5 • October 3 – 7
Some quiet time at a park and sidewalk math.

No. 6 – October 10- 14
Thank you cards and students using trig to “earn” their way into class.

No. 7 – October 17- 21
A student dons my blazer in the middle of class. Also: a boring PD.

No. 8 – October 24- 28
A mysterious throat “virus” (non-Covid) comes over me. I’m also gifted a yummy tamale.

No. 9 • October 31 – Nov 4

No. 10 – Nov 7- 11

No. 11 – October 14- 18

No. 12 – October 21- 25

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