PBL v2

So my yearlong experiment with problem-based learning has concluded. After attending Exeter Math Institute last summer, I decided to overthrow my units and use problems as the foundation of how my kids learned each day. Throughout the course of the year, week by week I wrote a bunch of original problems, edited others that I … Continue reading “PBL v2”

Building the thinking classroom in mathematics

I’ve known about Peter Liljedahl‘s work on thinking classrooms for a while. Since 2017, I’ve been using vertical whiteboards and visually random groups — the foundation of Liljedahl’s thinking classroom framework. My successes have been nothing to brag about, but they have done wonders for my teaching. They have transformed my classroom and how my … Continue reading “Building the thinking classroom in mathematics”

Student as author and critic of mathematics

I’m hoping to improve my students’ journal writing experiences this year. After learning about problem-based journal writing from the work of Joseph Mellor and Carmel Schettino, last year I created/stole a fancy handout, rubric, and told the kids to go write. I was hopeful for more, but the kids ended up only writing one journal entry. This … Continue reading “Student as author and critic of mathematics”

#blackbrillance + social justice + problem-based learning

One of my summer reads has been The Brilliance of Black Children in Mathematics by Jacqueline Leonard and Danny B. Martin (inspired by Annie Perkins). I’m almost three-quarters of the way through it. It is rather dense because it’s packed with research, but I’ve been enjoying it. Chapter 6 has stood out. It focused on the … Continue reading “#blackbrillance + social justice + problem-based learning”