Haiku #11

As an alternative means of capturing my thoughts and reflections, I write haiku about my teaching practice. This is the 11th post in the series.

My students sit for their state test today, the fabled Algebra 2 Regents exam. The pandemic freed me from this calamity for two years, but today, like many things this year, it makes its return. With its reemergence comes the heart-racing build up, anxiety, and obsession on results. There is no bounce back, no retakes. It’s all or nothing. The thirty-seven problems my students will read and respond to in solitude this morning contradicts much of what I work to accomplish as a teacher. This is disheartening.

At the same time, if the length of a school year was mapped onto a football field, the three hours that the Regents exam takes up wouldn’t even amount to a yard. After so many varied experiences with my students, I refuse to give today more attention than it deserves.

This haiku attempts to carry what I’m feeling today.

Return to normal
Alone with thirty-seven
A mere three hours


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