My two cents (Week of Apr 5, 2021)

For each school day of the 2020-21 school year, I will be writing two sentences to capture some of the impressions, feelings, experiences, or thoughts I had that day. This is the 25th post in the series.

Monday (Apr 5)
I got my second dose of the vaccine today and as a result I spent a half-day in the building; I created a weird, poorly-planned video for my classes as a substitute. I cheerfully created my first two in-person handshakes with students this year; one involves throwing a football and the other involves pulling down a facemask.

Tuesday (Apr 6)
Had a student, J, drop by office hours unannounced to see how he could begin making up work from earlier marking periods. Played a super fun game of POOF! in the courtyard with the students during lunch.

Wednesday (Apr 7)
Had a pre-observation meeting with my colleague whose doing the case study on me for her grad class. I admitted to her that I’ve felt a bit exposed and insecure from all the attention she’s given me these last few weeks; my thoughtless, mediocre teaching has been on full display to someone that I deeply respect.

Thursday (Apr 8)
Today was the third session with Ghouldy Muhammad. I’m reminded to start with genius, beauty, and joy….always.

Friday (Apr 9)
Impressed and proud that my school had the courage to organize and facilitate our first whole-staff affinity group sessions today. Affinity groups have been a long time coming; it wasn’t optional…and it got expectantly messy.


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