My two cents (Week of Mar 22, 2021)

For each school day of the 2020-21 school year, I will be writing two sentences to capture some of the impressions, feelings, experiences, or thoughts I had that day. This is the 24th post in the series.

Monday (Mar 22)
Today was the first day back at school with students present. Out of nowhere, access to a whiteboard and dry erase markers launched me into a dizzying state of excitement while introducing my students to complex numbers; at the end of one of my classes, a student remarked sarcastically, “Mister, this was one of the best lessons ever!”

Tuesday (Mar 23)
The whiteboard action was so infectious today that, when 5th period opened with a lack of engagement, I held down a playful, two-minute conversation with my whiteboard; I told it how much I missed it’s these last several months and promising to reunite as much as possible with its marker friends. I also had pleasant lunch outside in the courtyard with a bunch of students who opted in for in-person learning.

Wednesday (Mar 24)
Because of in-person scheduling headaches and space constraints, I’m now teaching my ninth period class in the gym. Today, after HR (who hasn’t given one answer over the mic all year) voiced several correct responses in a row, I ecstatically grabbed a basketball from the utility closet and made a layup at nearby basket in her honor (not going to front: I was so happy that it took me two attempts).

Thursday (Mar 25)
After FD left his pod to walk by mine (they were next door to each other) to giggle at me while I was teaching his class, I bee-lined into his room to steal his tablet (he was in the bathroom). I brought it back to my pod, changed his screen name, and turned on his camera; after several minutes he eventually discovered it was me — thanks to his friends who dimed me out — and came into my pod laughingly to retrieve it.

Friday (Mar 26)
In preparation for an AP exam, a colleague had her students come to school for some actual in-person learning (no screens) in the courtyard; having taught many of her students before, I paid them a visit. I was excited, but also awkward; it felt weird to be sharing the same air without two laptops and a slab of plexiglass between us.


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