My two cents (Week of Dec 7, 2020)

For each school day of the 2020-21 school year, I will be writing two sentences to capture some of the impressions, feelings, experiences, or thoughts I had that day. This is the 12th post in the series.

Monday (Dec 7)
Haphazardly tried to have students assess their journals. I briefly modeled the process, put them in pairs, asked that they give each other feedback based on the rubric, and then had them report to me a “recommended” grade that they think they deserved.

Tuesday (Dec 8)
Between a horrible night’s sleep, a Future Educator Club Meeting, and an evening MfA session to prepare for MT^2, it was a LONG day. In 5th period, it took the kids 15 minutes to identify 16 characteristics of this graph; in 9th period, it took them 35 minutes to identify 9.

Wednesday (Dec 9)
I added five new call-and-response, virtual handshakes to my collection; one was connected to the first snow of the year. My 5th period class and I created an impromptu masterpiece.

Thursday (Dec 10)
We’ve started a game in 7th period where each day the students challenge my co-teacher to identify a bird that lives in the northeast United States. Today was the Rose-breasted Grosbeak and she nailed it, of course.

Friday (Dec 11)
The second straight Friday in my empty classroom. With grades due next week and student recommendations raining from the skies, I barely had time to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


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