My two cents (Week of Oct 12, 2020)

For each school day of the 2020-21 school year, I will be writing two sentences to capture some of the impressions, feelings, experiences, or thoughts I had that day. This is the fifth post in the series.

No classes — Indigenous People’s Day.

I took my cogen’s advice and developed “consistent” breakout rooms where the same 4-5 students stick together for a few weeks. After school, I caught up on a massive amount of grade input; importing grades form Classroom to Skedula is a life saver.

Out of nowhere, I developed a weekly Self Check-In for my students. Also out of nowhere, I created my first Feedback Video of the year; it’s deepening how I’m thinking about my planning.

I fell into a discussion today with my eighth period class which let me know that, despite our long distance relationship, we are in fact making progress. Whether it is pumpkin spice, the Lakers, oranges, velvet red cake, or Ninja, I sense that the glue is forming.

I had anxiety about my cogen not showing up today, but they did, and it was great. Ending the week, my school’s structures seem to be as unstable than ever…and my class is finally beginning to feel just the opposite (thanks to preassigned breakout rooms, DeltaMath, student bios, Google Form quizzes, Turn-Ins, Self Check-Ins, cogens, etc).

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